Are you an expert coach with an established practice?

Feeling unable to keep up with all your offerings?

Are you trying to do it all yourself?

Are you completely overwhelmed by all the details?

As an expert coach with an established practice, you have now expanded your offerings beyond one-on-one coaching to include teleseminars, workshops, group trainings, in-person retreats, audio or video products and you might have even written a book.  With all those offerings, it has become more and more challenging to keep up with the work load. You are finding it impossible to stay on top of all your offerings, it can be very overwhelming to figure out what services to use and how to use them effectively, as well as keeping your website up to date and communicating regularly with your current and prospective clients. You’ve probably tried to do it all yourself.  Perhaps you even contracted out some of the work, but it was very piecemeal and didn’t offer much relief.  It’s hard to maintain all those different areas, give your clients excellent coaching, and creatively plan your business – there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  And even if you could do it all; should you being doing it all or should you be spending your time doing what you are passionate about?  You are an expert coach in your chosen field; you are not a website designer, audio engineer, shopping cart guru, or administrative expert. Imagine having your own secret weapon; someone who is working behind the scenes for you, anticipating your needs, and managing all those nagging little details; a true partner in your business who knows you and your business intimately. Do your planning sessions currently get interrupted by emails, scheduling, and all the nagging little details that are hard to keep track of?  Envision walking into your office after enjoying a cup of tea, while you are completely relaxed you put on your headset and conduct your teleseminar; feeling confident, knowing all the details have already been taken care of.  You can travel out of the country for a month, knowing that your Virtual Assistant, who knows you and your business so well is holding down the fort while you are gone, you will travel with ease knowing that anything that arises will be handled masterfully by your brilliant assistant.  You won’t have to constantly worry about your website anymore because your Virtual Assistant is maintaining it, keeping it updated and continually making sure that your professional image is current and polished.  You can now communicate regularly and with ease to all your prospective clients.   Think of the anxiety that is relieved when you know that your Virtual Assistant has created a buffer for you so that you can have the space to do your work. With me, the Expert Coach’s Secret Weapon; you can grow your business, be more creative, create the next project, balance your life and work.  You will finally have the time and space to develop and expand your area of expertise. As The Expert Coach’s Secret Weapon, I help the coach pull together the behind-the-scenes resources and support your needs so that your business can move forward more rapidly and efficiently. I work proactively with you so that you will have more time and energy to spend on doing what you do best and doing what you love.  When you work with me, we will form a true partnership, one in which I will intimately learn your business so that I can assist you in focusing on doing what you are passionate about and in reaching your long-term business and personal goals. When you partner with me, a masterfully skilled Virtual Assistant, you will:

  • Have time to focus on the things which really need your attention.  This might be taking your business to the next level, working a more balanced schedule, spending more time with family – the possibilities are endless!
  • Eliminate, rather than tolerate the things you can’t seem to get to or would prefer to have someone else handle.
  • Make better decisions. You will no longer be working in isolation.  As your partner, we will work closely together – you can bounce ideas off me and you can count on me to provide support and encouragement.
  • Accelerate the growth of your business. When you partner with me, you can let me handle all of the things that really don’t need your personal attention.  In the process, space will be created in your life to focus on growing your business.

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