Experts are saying

“My definition of a successful VA partnership is one where the Virtual Assistant becomes integral to my business. A deep level of trust is requisite to virtually weave someone into the fabric of any organization. Jenny blends in with me and my associates so gracefully that we often forget we are “working!” My clients think she works full-time at The Confluence LLC because of her knowledge of the business and care for their needs. Jenny is reliable, sincere, and competent. She knows the domains where she demonstrates mastery and recognizes her areas of development. One client recently spoke of Jenny’s high level of professionalism even in situations requiring resolution of conflict. Knowing that my reputation goes on the line, I have absolutely recommended Jenny to colleagues in the past and will continue to refer her to anyone who is seeking assistance. I’d especially urge those new to partnering with a VA to interview Jenny as she can skillfully educate them on the best use of her skills, gifts, and talents.”

Robyn McCulloch, Leadership Coach and Consultant
The Confluence LLC

“Jenny is extremely focused, organized, and self-motivated, and she is extremely responsible about keeping her commitments. She has a natural drive to move things forward, and to explore more efficient ways of handling things.”

Isabel Parlett,
The Sound Bite Shaman

“Jenny has been a terrific partner in my leadership coaching and writing work. She is highly organized and efficient, and has become an indispensable help to me in managing my on-line marketing initiatives, enabling us to execute projects that I didn’t find the bandwidth to do myself. Jenny is prompt, reliable, and consistently positive, and I am enthusiastically recommending her.”

Doug Silsbee, PCC
Presence-Based Leadership Development
Author of The Mindful Coach and
Presence-Based Coaching

For over two years I had the deep privilege of working with Jenny Sheehan, who assisted me in the capacity of a Virtual Assistant. Whether it was keeping track of our rapidly expanding list of contacts, maintaining the books & records for our business, updating social networking profiles, arranging speeches, or doing general trouble shooting – Jenny handled it all with grace and accuracy. Her cheerful, upbeat, can-do attitude made her an absolute delight to work with. Jenny is also as trustworthy and full of integrity as the day is long. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone in need of help in increasing their productivity!”

Manisha Thakor, Author, Speaker, Financial Literacy Advocate

“As a new coach, I was trying unsuccessfully to manage all the details myself. I was not accomplishing my goals because I was bogged down in day to day tasks. When Jenny started working with me, it was like a load was lifted from my shoulders. She quickly organized my data base and had things running smoothly. She soon began to contribute to my business as a team member by making innovative suggestions for improvement. Her technical skills and knowledge have been invaluable in helping me with my eZine, website, Google Adwords and more. With her assistance, I am able to concentrate on developing my business instead of managing it. Best of all, Jenny’s friendly personality makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Sherri Frost, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist. and Life Coach
Pro Power Services