Q & A with Jenny

What was your inspiration to become a Virtual Assistant?

I knew I wanted to pursue a business that allowed me to have a perfect balance between work and home; being a Virtual Assistant was the answer! I love that I get to work with amazing clients, do a wide variety of work every day, and enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with having my own business.

When did you start your Virtual Assistance business?

I started my Virtual Assistance practice in 2005 after graduating from AssistU, the premier Virtual Assistant training program.

What is your experience?

I have been a Virtual Assistant since 2005, working with a variety of soloprenuers; but since 2010 I have worked exclusively with leadership/executive coaches. Over the years I have developed so many skills; from setting up shopping carts to maintaining websites to managing calendars (see my Services page for a more detailed overview), but more important than all the skills I have are the relationships I have created with my clients. They are the best!

How do you work with clients?

I love to collaborate and partner with my clients. My goal is to create a long-term business relationship with each of my clients I want my clients to see me as their business partner and trusted adviser. I work exclusively with a select group of expert coaches.  I maintain a small group of clients so that I can give them each the highest caliber of service and partnership.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is a woman who is most likely in the coaching field. Here are some traits that describe her well:

  • Values partnership; wants to create a long-term collaborative relationship
  • Respected member of the coaching community
  • Full and/or established coaching practice with other various enterprises (products, books, speaking, retreats, etc.)
  • Organized, focused, honest, easy-going, enthusiastic, understanding, and motivated.
  • Values family and honors her own work/life balance.
  • Ability to delegate and release control.
  • Responsible and prompt.
  • Communicates regularly and clearly.
  • Kind and respectful.

What is most important to you?

The most important thing for me is having a balance between my work and personal life. The most important thing in regards to working with my clients is to have a collaborative long-term business relationship together. I want my clients to see me as their business partner, trusted adviser, and ally; I am much more than just an assistant. I love being involved in all aspects of my clients business; everything from daily tasks, big projects, brainstorming, and being a sounding board.

How do we decide if we want to work together?

I have a two-step “Information Exchange” process (I cringe at the word “interview”, it brings up the boss/employee paradigm and I want to shatter that model). In the first call (about 30 minutes) we take some time to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit for each other. In our second call (about 30-45 minutes) we explore the hows and standards around each of our businesses; during this call we touch on all the logistics.

What does your fee structure look like?

I work with clients who are ready to commit to a minimum retainer of 10 hour per month. I work with each client to determine the ideal number of hours for them. Those hours are then reserved specifically for you; if you need more hours beyond your monthly retainer I usually can accommodate those extra hours but it is not guaranteed. The retainer rate is paid at the beginning of each month along with any additional hours from the previous month.